Construction - Paul and Polly

Polly and Paul Besaw Experiment with the Structure

The structure being constructed in rehearsal - IN NO TIME will involve scripts that involve building a framework onto video images will be projected, and through which the dance happens...

In No Time - September in Stowe!

I'm excited to be working on a new project! In No Time is a retrospective of ideas I have been working with for the last 30 years - it will be an installation in the East Gallery at the Helen Day Arts Center over a four week period beginning Friday, September 19, 2014 at 6PM. This installation of artists will be ongoing when the gallery is open. I'm delighted to be working with over 16 artists in this project including Molly Davies and dancers from New York and Vermont.

- Polly


Critical State 2010 at the River Arts building in Morrisville, Vermont.

Critical State

In chemistry and condensed-matter physics, a critical point, also called a critical state, specifies the conditions at which a phase boundary ceases to exist, for example when a vapor changes to liquid.

In Critical State, each combination of dancers (solos, trios, etc) and each module of sound, video, lighting, and set is a distinct phase: a theatrical vignette, a dance sequence, a video projection, a sonic event. The phases, at critical points, are transformed by one another into something else, another phase, investigating the critical state.

Motley's works for out-of-theatre spaces are relative to the architecture and art of the specific site. The performance, art, and architecture are mutually enhanced because they coexist. Careful juxtapositions of color, texture, speed, volume, scale, content, and timing assure not just compatibility and coherence, but beautiful marriages. Critical State will be anchored in the environment of the historic River Arts building in Morrisville, Vermont. This beautiful building is an integral part of the Morrisville community, having previously been a Grange Hall and the Peoples Academy School.

While Motley is artistic director, and as choreographer the lead artist, she is also in some sense the curator of a group show. She will provide a vision and the context within which individuals will develop their own work. Each artist will regularly have creative consultations with Motley in addition to rehearsals for ensemble pieces in which all participate.

Dancing The Numbers

An evening-length solo based on the Fibonacci series. Premiered at Danspace Project, Feb 2004.