Artist Statement

Concerning Performance for Museums, Galleries and Public Sites

John Cage wrote that for art to be contemporary it must be fluent with its environment; it should not interfere with the real world that is happening around it.  What naturally occurs in the environment around it doesn't need to be stopped to accommodate the art.

The performances I make relate to the environment, architecture and art of each site. Dance is one of many elements that coexists in these performances.  Space, color, content, actions, texture, light, speed, volume, scale, timing, juxtaposition and the perspectives of the audience lend themselves to new perceptions. Each element reflects upon the others.

My particular aesthetic includes contemplative awareness and raucous action!    I am interested in the intersection, combination and variations of these two extremes.

There are a few practical considerations:

*I respect and take inspiration from the usual function of areas.  Unless there is a publicized performance occurring at a specific time, performers don't block stairways, monopolize seating areas, or impede thoroughfares.

*I emphasize and work with the designed views of the art and the landscape.

*I try to make the audience as comfortable as possible, and work with presenters to best prepare  community members for a kind of work they may not have encountered.

*Community education is fun for me.  I like sharing the creative processes involved in the work and collaborating with artists in each site.

The work I make involves:

* Solo performances for stage, installations, and specific sites that
bring viewers close to the experience of dancing

* Performance/installations with video that give audiences the choice
to move around and within the performance

* Lecture-demonstrations and art talks and that contextualize contemporary

* New and repertory works, choreographed and improvised, that include contemplative and athletically physical, and theatrical experiments

* Works for actors, singers, untrained dancers and educators.

*Classes that encourage everyone's ability to dance
and workshops for professional performers

*Anything that helps me interact with community members in ways that make the work more fun and accessible for us all